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In today’s world, GYM and exercise have become synonymous to weight loss along with physical activities like jogging, aerobics, Zumba etc. Many women have also gone towards fad diets, over the counter medicines, ayurvedic treatments, surgeries, herbal pills etc. with NO weight loss results. In fact, when we stop these treatments and exercises, the rebound weight gain is much more worrisome.

Vigorous activities or exercises always increase your appetite & hence you eat more. But if you try to eat less (because you want to lose weight) then chances of protein loss are more. After you stop doing those exercises ( Which eventually you will stop since the amount of efforts are very high as compared to the rate of weight loss), what will happen is the rebound weight gain, and that is with twice the speed. Exercise increases the appetite causing overeating & obstructions in weight loss. Hence no gym. With Obesity, exercise increases the health risks of Heart & bone or joint issues.

In the given scenario what is the best solution is the BIG QUESTION which many people have been asking us for more than 20 years. And our ANSWER is Only HOME DIET & WALK are sufficient for effective women weight loss? To know more GET STARTED with DietQueen App.

Walking is the best for weight loss and fat loss, and at the same time it is better for heart, bone & joints and overall prevention and treatment of many diseases.


Misconceptions about gymnasium routines and the use of different exercise machines are abundant. Scientifically, if you are obese, it's not advisable to walk on a treadmill or a walker or any exercise in a gymnasium. After every 14 kilograms of excess weight, your heart needs to work double. In such a case, any exercise other than walking will increase the activities of the heart three to four times depending on your level of activity. This will make you an apt candidate for heart troubles. Also, after every 15 kilograms of excess weight, the chances of osteoarthritis of the knee are higher with passing years. Walking remains your best bet. Don’t walk on a treadmill, walk naturally. As you are overweight, there is an excess strain on your knees, ankles & other Joints, causing further damage, also you may feel breathless when on a treadmill.

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