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Weight Loss Diet - Home Diet

The core focus of the Home Diet is the food which we prepare at our home in our own Kitchen. As the name suggests Home Diet is a diet which is prepared in our own kitchen with utmost care and hygiene and is also safe and reliable. DietQueen’s Home Diet Plan is based on the simple principle of buying right Grocery, cooking in right quantity and Eating right quantity of food, which will not only ensure effective weight loss but also maintain it permanently. Most important thing to remember here is that when we say RIGHT, that means what is RIGHT FOR YOU depending upon your AGE, HEIGHT, WEIGHT and MEDICAL CONDITION (If Any).

Women's Specific Diet

Today women are suffering from many diseases like Infertility, PCOS, Menstrual irregularities, Diabetes, Hypertension amongst others with rising obesity. Women were inherently not vulnerable to such non-communicable (Lifestyle) diseases till a few decades back. Diet and Nutrition during diseases makes a huge impact to change the course of disease. There are quite number of diseases which are very much dependent upon your food and nutrition. Changing your food and eating pattern along with lifestyle changes can effectively manage your weight and even cure your diseases in some cases.
DietQueen gives you complete solutions to manage your obesity and handle all your other medica issues just by specially created diets, unique eating habits, eating timings and if required changing your lifestyle.

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menopause diet

Menses/Menopause Diet

Most of the women are aware about the various problems and challenges faced during Menses, whether it is excessive or prolonged bleeding, absence of bleeding Headache, Stomach pain, Giddiness, Heaviness, Irritability etc. Similarly, with Menopause there are issues such as dryness, hot flashes, chills, night sweats, sleep problems, slowed metabolism etc.
One common problem during Menses and Menopause is women gain weight during this time and it gets very challenging to maintain weight. DietQueen specializes in women weight loss during Menses & Menopause and guides women with specific food changes and lifestyle changes for specific symptoms. These Dietary and lifestyle changes can help women in minimizing each of these problems and maintain weight. There are many food options which can be consumed during this time and most importantly there are many food items which should be totally avoided during Menses and Menopause.
Follow DietQueen during these challenging times to fight the challenges and effective women weight loss.

Pregnancy & Lactation Diet

For women, Pregnancy and Lactation are very important aspects and lifetime experience. As we all are aware during these stages of life, wight gain for women in natural since energy requirement is different for healthy growth of baby. But the key question here is exactly HOW MUCH energy. The calories, the protein, the fats and carbs along with vitamins and minerals are essential but appropriate quantity needs to be defined to ensure healthy baby and mother AND at the same time weight gain needs to be monitored and controlled.
During pregnancy and lactation there are many important aspects which needs to be kept in mind to ensure proper development of baby and mother’s health. There are many questions women will have during these days whether it is adequate intake of folic acid or DHA Omega-3. It is necessary and must, to manage your diet and weight in this important and critical aspect of life to ensure there are no complications during the Pregnancy, Delivery and Lactation. Considering all these challenges DietQueen has created an exclusive diet for women during pregnancy and lactation which will not only ensure healthy baby and mother but also ensures smooth delivery and prevention from Obesity and diabetes at later stage.

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Women’s Weight Loss, Guaranteed

Ready to lose weight & belly fat, We will help you.


Diet Plans by DietQueen are made considering your height, age, and weight. Follow them correctly.


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