DietQueen - Weight Loss App for Women

Conceptualised by qualified Doctor, Nutritionist and Weight Loss Specialist Dr. Kiran Rukadikar after more than 15 years of practice and experienceDietQueen is a specialised women weight loss app dedicated to entire women fraternity for sustained health, wellness and fitness. DietQueen with its unique weight loss treatment is aimed at holistic women wellbeing and completely discourages Gym, Exercise, Starvation, Fancy Diets and Surgery. DietQueen’s women weight loss program is totally focused on Home Diet and Walking for effective, healthy and long-term women weight loss which begins at your own Kitchen. 

DietQueen helps in women weight loss through their various life cycles be it starting of menses, Pre or  post marriage, Post pregnancy and lactation , or during menopause, etc. and supports in fighting various diseases like High BP, High Sugar, Infertility , PCOD etc. With successfully treating more than 15000 patients, Dr. Kiran Rukadikar have been consulting women for weight loss from various industries be it Housewives/Home Makers, Working Women, Bollywood, Bureaucrats,  Corporate, Politics amongst others.  

Our Weight Loss Plans​


Introductory Offer 8 days


Introductory Offer


6 months


12 Months


Infertility & PCOD Diet


Pregnancy & Lactation

Every Trimester and during Breastfeeding

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DietQueen Weight Loss App Features

Weight Tracking

Lifetime weight tracking with DietQueen. Now your weight is our responsibility

Walk Tracking

In-App tracking for your walking activity. No need for another app for tracking your walk, DietQueen takes care of it

Personalized Diet

DietQueen helps with personalized diet plan specific to one’s diet requirement to ensure effective weight loss

Regional, Indian & Global Food options

Enjoy regional, Indian and global food option diets with DietQueen while you lose weight from your kitchen


DietQueen available in 8 regional languages with regional food diet, Enjoy your weight loss with your own regional home food

Plans for different weights

Different bodies with different weight needs different weight loss plans which are available with DietQueen. Experience the weight loss for different weights

DietQueen App Guidelines

Food Guideline

Key to weight loss success is to eat MIX DIET including Veg, Non-Veg, Eggs etc.

Food Scheduling

Eating as per schedule is MUST to ensure effective weight loss

Food Quantity

Since Food Quantity is PERSONALISED for each individual, it is imperative to follow for timely weight loss

Food Instructions

It is important to understand WHAT TO EAT & WHAT TO AVOID, please check food instruction carefully in blogs & videos

Home Diet

Effective weight loss with Home food

If Women are really serious about their weight loss then Home Diet is the ONLY and BEST solution for permanent weight loss. All women need to do is to go back to their Kitchen and eat home food in right quantity based on their weight, height, age etc.