Our Weight Loss Plans

We design our Weight Loss Plans as per your requirement. You can also upgrade or change to other plans. Pregnancy, Lactation, ,PCOD and Infertility plans are also available. For details kindly download the app 


Introductory Offer 8 days


Introductory Offer


6 months


12 Months


Infertility & PCOD Diet


Pregnancy & Lactation

Every Trimester and during Breastfeeding

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Frequently asked questions

DietQueen guarantees 100% weight loss. In the last 18 years, we have treated over 15K plus patients for weight loss/ gain, nutrition in diseases, and women for PCOD and Infertility. With our HOME DIET Program + WALKING, it’s very simple and easy to lose weight- try it.

Yes, we will extend the package only if we find the reason genuine enough. For that you have to send a request and details why you could not follow the program. Upon receiving the request, we will look into your matter and do whatever is best possible.  

Upgrading the plan is possible, but not downgrading- example if you take a 3 or 6 months plan you can upgrade to 12 months but not in a reverse way. We will adjust the fees paid earlier. 

In such situation we will congratulate you first, and we will stop the weight loss plan and start with the pregnancy plan at no extra cost. Depending upon the balance remaining in the fees, we will extend your treatment so we control your weight gain during pregnancy.  

Currently, we don’t have a lifelong plan, but you can enjoy our services at discounted rates. Kindly connect to our call centre, we will be happy to help you. 

For questions or queries kindly talk to us. We are here for your health and happiness. Contact Us