Some Myths

Some Myths

Eating less helps to lose weight

The journey to weight loss is not about eating less, it is about eating right. The goal should not only to lose pounds and calories, it is also to  help you gain better appetite control, experience a calmness, high energy levels, and alertness from what you eat.

* Obesity is a hereditary disease

Your parents did pass along some genes to you and so if you are of a big or a small frame it could have been decided by genetics. Whether you pack in more fat on the upper half of the body than lower could also be influenced by genetics but it’s not your parents who have put that cheese burger in your mouth in place of a lean sandwich on a busy afternoon. They are not responsible for the butter chicken which you had for dinner last night; neither are they responsible for the nth bottle of cola that you have emptied on a hot day.

*Your metabolism is really slow at night so foods fatten you more at night. 

This folklore probably comes from the fact that a lot of people have heavy dinners. But one has to understand that the packet of chips which you eat at 3 pm will do the same amount of damage at 9 pm if you insist on remaining sedentary or then generally lying around after polishing it off. The calories of the foods are the same, no matter what time of the day or night and it is the calories that matter.

*Obesity is only because of lack of exercise and bad eating habits.

Wrong! At times it is an indication of another problem in your body. Weight gain can be a side effect of medication or a physical illness or hormonal problems. If you try to cure obesity with trial-and-error methods, you are wasting valuable time. You need to know from an expert why you weigh what you do.

*Eating bananas and potatoes make you fat.

Potatoes are a source of healthy carbs. They, by themselves, are not the cause of all your weight woes. Spicy aloo bhaji on your plate often, especially when it is floating in a lot of golden oil, then potatoes will fatten you. Since foods low in sodium and rich in potassium and magnesium can help manage normal blood pressure, including a banana into an overall healthy diet can reduce the risk of high blood pressure. But don’t go beyond one banana a day.

*Honey, lime and warm water early in the morning is the best way to lose weight.

Honey has calories that are equal to sugar, so they need to be adjusted with your daily calories. Honey, lime and water are not an alternative to a change in your lifestyle for the better.

* Weight loss teas, natural or herbal weight-loss products helps in reducing weight in obesity.

A lot of these products are not scientifically tested and can cause serious health problems. Before you start on any of them, let your family         doctor know about it.

*Drinking lots of coffee helps in losing weight in obesity. 

Many people believe that caffeine is a natural stimulant and if your body is stimulated it will burn more calories. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that.

*Using laxatives helps in losing weight.

Cleaning up your system every few months can make you feel better but if you exhaust your body with laxatives almost every day bowels might lose their natural micro flora. Not a good idea.

*Lose weight with diuretic agents. 

There will be fluid loss. You’ll end up hurting the kidneys and skin but you won’t get rid of the kilos. In any case, your body will manage to get the necessary quantity of fluid back.

*Surgeries like C-section and major operations make you overweight. 

No, the surgeries don’t make you overweight. The high-calorie food, considered a necessity during convalescence, along with all that rest, is what makes you put on weight. A healthy diet, just right for you, will not add unnecessary pounds to your body.

*Say goodbye to your figure after childbirth. 

You have eaten all kinds of things in the months preceding your delivery because they were supposed to be good for your health. Now you don’t have time for anything other than the infant which demands your attention every waking moment. Going to the gym is impractical. Does it mean that you forget that at one time you too were in good shape? Not necessarily. However, you will lose not spare kilos but your health if you begin on some crash diets that you have picked up from magazines or the Internet. These are the times when only a weight management consultant can guide you right.

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