About Gym & Exercise

About Gym & Exercise

  1. When you go to the gym, you lose some weight but if you stop it, then you regain twice with double speed, why? 

2.  Exercise so much plus I do all my housework still I don’t lose weight?

Gym – Is not for females unless you are planning to increase your muscle or your profession demands so.  Gym is neither for weight loss.

Then what is the gym for ? 

Gym exercises are mostly to increase your muscle mass, stamina, strength, fitness, agility,  cardiovascular fitne.The truth is –  for weight loss you should not do any exercise. and I know you are eager to understand why so?  Let’s check the facts first 

Mistake No. 1: Trying to lose weight by increasing the Physical Exercise

  1. Any exercise, in the gym or grounds, is of a muscle, Right! 

2. And exercise increases your Hunger which means exercising muscle demands  energy, Right! 

Mistake No. 2 : Trying to lose weight by increasing the Physical Exercise

  1. Most of you are exercising just to lose weight, which means you are also following some kind of diet, Right! 
  2. Women require more fat for functions like pregnancy, lactation and others. Body and metabolism resists fat loss.
  3. Your brain, muscle and metabolism don’t understand this. In this complexity, you never lose the fat, what you lose is water, protein. 

Effects of your mistake –  Losing muscle and water, and not fat . This makes you weak, exhausted and look wrinkled and old (After weight loss, women feel they are looking ill because of this reason). 

Mistake No. 3 : You start on exercising more just to achieve the weight loss target, feeling that your body is not responding correctly and that your efforts are not up to the mark.

  1. More you exercise, the more water and protein loss and hence the weight loss.  
  2. The increase in muscle mass is not possible even after exercise because you are consuming less calories (Energy). 

Effects of your mistake – So finally, since you have less muscle mass, even if you increase time or intensity of exercise there is less energy expenditure.   

Solution  – Eating fewer calories for weight loss and doing activities which will not increase your energy demand is the right answer.   

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