What is DietQueen?

DIET QUEEN is a Mobile App for females who want to lose weight and maintain health.

How is it different from other weight loss or diet plans?

For proper serious weight loss, MY HOME DIET OR GO BACK TO YOUR KITCHEN is our concept. Our diet plan is based upon a principle that if you can do your grocery buying, cooking, and eating in the right quantity, you will surely lose weight and maintain it permanently.  

Will I lose weight just by following the app DIET QUEEN?  

Yes, surely you will lose weight, don’t carry a doubt while following the app. Have faith in yourself and the App, we guarantee, you will reach your desired weight.

Do I have to consult a doctor before following the app DIET QUEEN?

You can continue using DIET QUEEN App even with your existing disease. If you are suffering from any illness or major diseases, please visit your physician and continue the medical line of treatment. If you are not suffering from any disease now but upon checking your reports we find, then we may ask you to consult your physician.

Do I have to exercise along with it? 

No, you do not require exercising for weight loss, just walking is sufficient along with a Balanced diet as suggested by Diet Queen. We advise people, and especially women, not to exercise when you are on a weight loss program. If you exercise for weight loss, you will lose some weight temporarily, but the regain is fast once you stop the exercise. So it’s better to walk and lose weight permanently. 

Are Diet Queen and Liven Weight loss treatments related to each other?

Diet Queen is the mobile platform and Liven Weight Loss treatments are clinic programs for Weight Management. Both brands belong to LIVEN HEALTHCARE PVT LTD. Diet Queen Treatment plans follow the same principles as Liven Weight Loss Programs.