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My Home Diet

Back to basics – What is Diet? 

  1. The simple and important definition is –  the kind of food that a person eats. Example – “a vegetarian diet” or “non-veg diet” 
  2. A newer addition to definition of diet is –   a special course of food to which a person  restricts themselves, either to lose weight or for medical reasons.Example –  Weight-loss Diet, Diabetic Diet, Pregnancy Diet, Post Operative Diet, etc 

So what is a Home Diet? 

In Simple terms – A home diet is the kind of food that a person eats at home.and since it’s your own home, we can say it as  ‘MY HOME DIET’. 

Right from the infancy age, for getting nutrition for development and growth, to old age nutrition and health; and all the short term illnesses to long-term diseases,  we all have heavily depended on our home food as safe and reliable. Remember your grandmother or mother saying “stop for food when you are ill”.  

Likewise, it’s time to get to Home Diet when on weight loss, AKA to treat Obesity – the modern disease. 

MY HOME DIET has 3 major parts – 

  1. Shopping 
  2. Cooking 
  3. Eating 

That means if you shop right, cook right and eat right then you are on the right track to lose your weight. 

So when I say right that means what is right for you, according to your age, height and weight, medical condition, etc. In your case we have mentioned what is right for you in the kitchen section of the app. 

  1. Shopping –  we decide the right kind of food, and quantity which you should shop well in advance before you go to the market. It is very important to buy only those kinds of food items which we recommend for you. Anything other than that means the chances are very high that you end up eating that. So when you are thinking of yourself, keep your shopping basket separate. 
  2. Cooking –  there are 2 things – 1. Are you going to cook for you and other family members 2. Is someone else going to cook? 

In both cases it’s always better to cook separately for you (in the second case you have to guide the person cooking for you). Reason cooking separately helps a lot is that you are  100% sure that your food is right in quantity and quality according to your plan. Just to understand the severity – if just 1 teaspoon (5ml) of oil (over and above your quota) is taken every day for 1 year it puts on 2kg of weight for no fault of yours and despite you following everything else correctly

3. Eating – ”You are what you eat”, right! Great, then let’s make it even better – we will eat right and prove it. Now that we have invested a vast amount of time and efforts in shopping and cooking right, now it’s time to eat correctly. So eating the right portion at the right time is the ultimate step. We have given you the exact quantity of food you should eat along with timings to eat that. Follow it correctly. 

As said in the earlier blog – we eat 90% of our food at home. So for Weight loss, THE HOME DIET is the ultimate solution. 

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