‘I am Dieting’

‘I am Dieting’

When someone says, ‘I am dieting’, it means that the person is doing: 

· Either fasting or eating less

· Eating only salads and fruits

· Eating only twice a day

· Eating a high fat, high-protein, and low-carb diet, which is more popularly known as a keto diet

· Having some shake or supplements instead of food

In summary, being on a diet implies that a person is eating some kind of food or pattern, which he/she will follow until he/she achieves his/her weight-loss goal, following which they will eventually change their food habits based on the habits they have started during the dieting process.

However, this method is a sure-shot path to failure, and if there is any success at all in terms of weight loss, it will be short lived. 

To achieve permanent weight loss, the solution has to be easy to follow, cost-effective, and, above all, must produce guaranteed results.

Let’s find out how we can achieve this.

We should first ask ourselves this basic question: Why does someone gain weight? 

The answer to which is that people eat food high in calories, containing a lot more calories than they need.

But why does one eat more calories? 

The actual answer is that 

  • People  don’t know how many calories they should eat 
  • How many calories does a food have? 
  • Which food increases or decreases their weight. 
  • People tend to knowingly or unknowingly eat excess food without being aware of what to do next. 

Basic Solution: Understand the food you eat.

Food Metrics: 

  1. People should note that 90% of our total food consumption comprises home food. 
  2. When we eat out, it is mostly for entertainment or during festivities and functions or for professional reasons, which comprise only 10% of our life’s total food consumption. 

This would mean that if you take care of what you eat at home, which comprises a major part of your food consumption, then eating out will not be a big issue. This will allow you to eat out in whatever quantity and have whatever type of food.

So Queen, for guaranteed and permanent weight loss you need to check on what you eat at home. 

For that, you need to understand and follow the Home Diet. 

More on Home Diet in the Next blog. 

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